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Work Smarter ? Boost Productivity Anywhere

What is Zcan Wireless?

Swipe over the document or image then watch text and images appear instantly on the monitor.

What you see is what you scan

Increase your productivity and organization with Zcan Wireless.

Zcan Wireless is THE must-have gadget for anyone with an iPad, MacBook, tablet or laptop. Imagine being able to easily back up your receipts, contracts, documents and photos anywhere, anytime. Zcan Wireless is just as simple as painting as all you need to do is swipe back and forth! Plus, you can quickly edit in word or excel straight away.


And, one of the coolest things is that scanned information becomes searchable, meaning you can get rid of all your paper versions (did we mention eco-friendly too?!) and box files with backup copies – so no more digging through a ton of paper to find the right one.


Zcan Wireless is the perfect 2-in-1 productivity booster that gives you the mobility needed to easily complete any job anytime.

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Scan on the move

Zcan Wireless

Scan to Edit

Break the language barrier

Edit scanned table in Excel is much faster than typing it entirely from original documents.

Zcan Wireless supports over 199 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) languages. With a Google Translate shortcut, scanned words are then translated into a different language instantly.  And, it even reads you the paragraph!

Be Productive with Zcan Wireless

Zcan Wireless allows you to scan anything and in any size.  Whether a receipt, a cash coupon, a photo, or nutritional information printed in a foreign language! Scanned information becomes searchable, meaning you can get rid of those paper versions and box files with backup copies. Zcan Wireless is the perfect wireless productivity tool designed to reduce your workload and improve efficiency.

Zcan Wireless

Wireless Scanner Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Computer Mouse

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Scan to Excel

PDF? Forget it. It’s easy to scan directly to Excel with Zcan Wireless.

Zcan Wireless can read you the newspaper, magazines or books.


No more barriers now! Zcan Wireless will help you out.

Remember Everything

Zcan Wireless connects with Evernote and keep everything in sync.

What you scan is what you get. Stay focused on what you like.


Scan to Text

Reading Helper

Zcan Wireless is 3X faster than typing. Why type when you could scan?


Why scan a picture?

Poor Image Quality

Better Image Quality

Low Resolution

Comes in brighter color

Distortion and Reflections




  • Why need Wi-Fi for scanning?

    Wi-Fi is compulsory for scanning and network functions. Most laptops nowadays have built in Wi-Fi function but some desktop may not.  We suggest you to get a Wi-Fi adaptor for scanning if your desktop or laptops don’t have Wi-Fi function.


  • Why need the dongle?

    You’ll need to plug the dongle into a powered USB hub connected to the computer to get the mouse to function properly.

  • Mouse cannot scan?

    - Please check if you can use the normal mouse function

    - Is the scan software installed successfully?

    - Is Wi-Fi function available/ enabled in your computer?


  • Mouse cannot move?

    - Is the USB dongle inserted properly into the computer’s USB


    - Is the mouse switched ON?

    - Is the mouse charged?

    - If USB 3.0 port is used, please reconnect mouse to other USB

       2.0 port


  • Why I cannot find the download link for MAC?

    We are sorry that the MAC version for wireless scanner mouse is still under development. We’ve received the second beta version from our Swiss software partner, which is more stable than the previous version yet still having some WiFi connectivity issue. We will keep you posted when it is released.



  • Can I install the MAC software for wired scanner mouse (Zcan+) but use it for wireless one (Zcan Wireless)?

    No. The MAC software for the wired version is different from the wireless one.



  • Why scan function doesn’t work when using static IP address?

    Zcan Wireless can only work when the Wi-Fi adapter is using dynamic IP addres (i.e. obtain IP address automatically via DHCP).



  • Scan software cannot be installed successfully

    - Windows7 or above is required for the scan software

    - The software for wireless scanner mouse ( Zcan Wireless) is different from wired scanner mouse (Zcan+). If you have wired version before, please uninstall the software and re-install the wireless version. You may download the Window version from here.


  • My computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi connection

    - 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor is recommended

  • Certificates of ZcanWireless

  • Normal operation steps

    Mouse mode

    1) Plug in the USB dongle to your computer

    2) Check if the mouse can move/left-click/right-click

         Scan mode

    3) Check if the Wi-Fi function of computer is enable

         (802.11nWiFi required)

    4) Open Scan software, "Scanner-device found! Press scan

         button" message should appear

    5) Press SCAN button, "Connecting to the device, please wait"

         message should appear

    6) Wait a moment, scan function will start



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